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(New LooK Of AvriL LaVignE)

Is the young punkster growing up? According to Avril, she's feeling more like a woman.

Avril Lavigne has ditched her adolescent punk style in
favour of grown-up glamour. The young singer admits she feels more like
a lady and was happy to pose in Gucci and Channel for next month's
Harper's Bazaar magazine.

The 20-year-old told the fashion glossy: "I'm starting to feel more
feminine. I'm getting into hair and makeup and image." The magazine
calls Avril's new look, "Twiggy for the 2000s."

Abbey DawN

(cLotHiNg LiNe Of AvriL LaVignE)


About two and a half weeks after posting this, a celebrity website called "Just Jared" interviewed Avril and asked her:
"Your clothing line, Abbey Dawn, was a nickname from your dad? How did he get that" nickname?

And Avril answered:
"He worked in Kingston, and it was like a street name or something. It was this area called Abbey Dawn
and I don’t know. He just called me Abbey and Abbey Dawn. All my
friends in high school called me Abbey, and when I first started out,
my alias name was always Abbey Dawn in my hotel rooms, so it was
something that stuck with me my entire life."

it sounds like Avril still isn't completely sure what or where Abbey
Dawn is or was - but knows it was an area called Abbey Dawn (the
sanctuary I talk about above) and it is a street or (more accurately) a
road called Abbey Dawn.
CloThes see Avril Lavigne CoLLection FroM aBBey Dawn

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